Big Data: Main Developments in Key Trends in 2019

Big Data: Main Developments in Key Trends in 2019

Big Data: Main Developments in Key Trends in 2018

As we have a tendency to bid farewell to at least one year and appearance to ring in another. KDnuggets has solicited opinions from varied huge knowledge specialists on the foremost vital developments of since 2017 and their 2018 key trend predictions.

At KDnuggets, we have a tendency to attempt to keep our finger on the pulse of main events and developments in trade, academia, and technology.  We have a tendency to additionally do our greatest to appear forward to key trends on the horizon.

To close out 2017, we have a tendency to recently ask a number of the leading specialists in in Big Data, Data ScienceArtificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning for their opinion on the foremost vital developments of 2017 and key trends they 2018. This post, the primary during this series of such year-end wrap-ups. Considers what happened in big data this year, and what could also be on the horizon for 2018.

Specifically, we asked experts in this area:

“What were the most Big Data related developments in 2017, and what key trends does one see in 2018?”

We invited responses from varied people, and asked them to remain their answers to at a lower place roughly 2 hundred words. Though’ we tend to weren’t excessively strict and allowed fascinating responses to travel longer.

As a fast review, last year’s trends and predictions focused on the foremost themes of:

  • Security and privacy
  • The cloud’s increasing role in data management
  • A tempering of expectations and hype
  • The Internet of Things’ role in generating data

There’s no denying that the term Big Data is no longer what it used to be; note that the term disappeared from the Gartner curve in 2015. We now all just assume and understand that our everyday data is huge. There is, however, still worth in treating big data as associate entity or an inspiration that must be properly managed associate entity that is distinct from abundant smaller repositories of data altogether forms of ways in which. and conclude wherever our consultants suppose huge knowledge is headed in 2018, browse the contributions below.


A final note: We would not be able to present these posts without the gracious participation of the experts upon whom we have called. While not everyone we requested was able to participate, we are grateful for those who were. Enjoy their insights.

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