Business Consultancy

With an experience of over five years in the field of software and technology, Cubic Solutions.Inc provides value for its clients to help evolve & transform their business effectively. It concentrates primarily on matters pertaining to growth, cost reduction, regulations, risk management, and the general streamlining of the business processes. Innovation and synergy are the cornerstones of any business transformation that is aimed at sustained growth. This is where Cubic Solutions.Inc excels in strategically aligning the business interests of its clients by identifying and seizing opportunities to help realize their maximum potential.

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Customized strategic roadmap

Expertise on regulatory compliance

Risk management insight

Optimization through process re-engineering

Information Security

Cubic Solutions.Inc’s dedicated Information Security Consulting team (InfoSec) has a wide-ranging and in-depth experience in creating watertight information security conventions. Their focus is predominantly on regulation compliance, continuous management, support and governance of security with utmost care given to the integrity of systems and networks. InfoSec caters to a wide spectrum of issues in advanced security processes, security consulting, and research and development.

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Improved regulatory compliance

Continuous management and support

Professional processes

Lower operating costs

Dedicated expertise

Network and system integrity

Independent System Review

Cubic Solutions.Inc is an industry leader in ‘customer-centricity’; an approach where it puts its customers first and at the core of its business. Therefore, in a world where companies only survive if their products hit the ground running, Cubic Solutions.Inc’s Independent System Review ensures that its software application is extensively tested before it goes live. This strong attention to detail has been perfected by Cubic Solutions.Inc through its 5 years’ experience of adherence to industry yardsticks.

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Comprehensive application assessment

Customized end to end solutions

Preempt problems and bottlenecks

Drastically reduce failure cost

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality