Cubic Solutions Made it again to top 100 IT Services Companies In Pakistan by The Manifest

Cubic Solutions Made it again to top 100 IT Services Companies In Pakistan by The Manifest

Cubic Solutions made it again to the top 100 IT Services Companies in Pakistan According to The Manifest

Since 2011, Cubic Solutions has only been about delivering 100% customer satisfaction. We design our team depending on the specialized requirements of the clients. We are to each and every project and Services weather its BPO or Off-Shore Development Team designing that crosses our desk is immediately apparent to everyone that’s ever worked with us.

Our passion for the work we do is unparalleled and nothing makes us happier than delivering results for our clients. Now our clients are doing the same for us. That’s because thanks to their efforts, we’ve just been named among the other biggies of the Pakistani Market.


Currently we stand 12th among the top 100 companies from Pakistan. Previously Cubic Solutions.Inc also being privileged to be chosen for the Top B2B Company Award by clutch.

What Manifest do?

For those who don’t know their work, The Manifest is an independent platform that’s based in Washington DC. They Navigate their buyers based on data driven research and customers reviews gathered from other independent platforms.

When a company gathers a lot of these high-quality reviews, they become part of  top 100 Companies on the  The Manifest 2021 leader list and get an award. Our award is thanks in large part to many of our clients giving us really great ratings in the past year. For that, we want to express our sincere thanks. In fact, our management team had this to say about the news.

This acknowledgement means a lot for us. Since scalability , reusability and quality service providing remained the major vision of running this company. These acknowledgements from different independent bodies are the ones who pushes us in keep us going.” –

Asad ur Rehman, CEO and Founder of Cubic Solutions.Inc

When Cubic Solutions.Inc started it services back in 2011 it was only a group of few people working together in providing a bundle of services but with time, consistency and hard work Cubic Solutions.Inc extended its services from BPO to OFF-Shore Development teams and then to introducing products line which is trusted globally. Currently Cubic Solutions is Providing a Larger set of Services across the world regions. 


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