Top 10 Email Scrapping Tools

Why You Should Use Email Scraping Tools?

We all know how hard it is to build an email sales list from scratch, especially for small companies. There left no options due to limited resources. In fact, many companies even buy preset profiled lists from a third party and send identical mass emails. It can put your business in a vulnerable position ascribed to the low quality of the email lists. However, there is a better way to build a highly targeted email list with email scrapers.

Email scraping can help you collect email addresses shown publicly using a bot. What makes this great is that you have control over where to get the email lists from, and who can opt in. Moreover, you don’t have to rely on a second-hand source. Here are the best 10 email scraping tools for sales prospecting.

Is It Legal to Scrape Emails?

Before starting, you may have similar questions. Generally speaking, the answer is YES. Most email scrapers only extract public email data from a webpage. It’s copy and paste email data for you somehow. However, if some sites have privacy on email scraping, then you should follow its rules. You should also obey the local law on data privacy. After learning about this, you now have clear ideas about email scraping and choose one tool below.

Top 10 Email Scrapers for Marketers


A fully functional email scraping tool with a big database within its platform, you can conduct a direct search for titles and organizations. It is more akin to a directory system that provides contact information for professionals across all industries. The assets are email lists. That said, there is a cost associated with it. If you want accurate sales leads, it’s worth the investment. When looking for enterprise-level sales prospects, Zoominfo is a great choice.

An integrated platform provided by LinkedIn, a website search, and domain search to leads directory. It can discover the business email address of one’s LinkedIn profile. The intuitive interface is super appealing to other email scrapers.

An email scraping platform with a Chrome extension. You can search for the email address of a company via the domain name. Alternatively, search for a particular professional with email.

Rocket Reach

A little more difficult to use than email prospecting. A Chrome extension for it is available, and it can quickly extract the email addresses from the page. Additionally, their search page can be used to locate contact details. But compared to other places, the price of leads is higher. Users who use companies like Facebook and Google would benefit more from it.

This is made for salespeople who spend a lot of time sending out cold emails. Both the prospect’s email address and job title can be automatically located and verified. Additionally, you can use it to send follow-up emails automatically by setting up a series of emails in case any get missed. It is able to connect to CRM and API. offers the best value for your money when it comes to email management software for sales.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A LinkedIn property tool. That said, it delivers high-quality, prospect contact information. In addition, the lead recommendation feature eliminates the efforts to discover on your own. The Advanced Lead and Company Search filters out irrelevant contacts which makes prospecting more accurate. It can also integrate with a CRM platform that takes your sales to the next level. It makes the entire process of prospecting, filtering, and reaching out seamless and comfortable.


A Chrome extension called Slik can locate anyone’s email address on their LinkedIn profile. It asserts that it has a 95% accurate database with more than 70 million prospects. With that said, it’s likely to locate the ideal candidate to pitch and become successful.

ScrapeBox Email Scraper

This email scraper allows you to extract emails from websites using multiple threads. In order to prevent the target website from blocking your IP address, it has basic web scraper features like proxy rotation and user agent switcher. In the event that data is lost due to a bad internet connection, the multi-thread connection enables you to have multiple connections open at once. Additionally, it provides add-ons that let you retrieve emails that are concealed inside internal links.

Email Extractor

It is a Chrome extension that scrapes emails. It has the ability to automatically find an email address on a specific webpage and export it to a text or CSV file. It can only extract the email address from a single website, though. To get the desired information, you must manually paginate and update the current page.


It is a prospect-generating tool used to locate prospects’ email addresses, phone numbers, and websites from directories like Crunchbase, AngelList, and LinkedIn. According to AeroLeads, hundreds of online marketers, recruiters, and sales teams use this lead generation tool to find business information and B2B data. Additionally, you can export the data as a CSV file or transfer it to your CRM software using this tool.

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